Old projects…

May 19, 2007 at 6:29 am (old projects, patchwork, stitch / hand)

The wonderful work produced by Jude of Spirit Cloth, in particular her ‘pink minis’ had reminded me of a project I had started a few years ago (7 years to be precise). It was a patchwork project done the old way over papers…..the way my grandmother had taught me. Some were scrapes of new material that I had bought for other projects others old clothes.


Just a few of the stars…

Then a friend asked if I wanted some fabric, I couldn’t say no! but I certainly didn’t expect two baskets one one large bag full… not only did it contain fabric but lots of blocks and half finished samples





These basketfuls of old treasures are just wonderful ….. then I found


Which brings be back full circle to Jude’s ‘pink minis’






  1. jude said,

    hey, glad to remind you, what a great gift of fabrics, and i love the stars too! i have mostly seen hexagons with the paper piecing method. are you going to make something out of these? i am inspired to use the idea for a pink mini….

  2. soulatplay said,

    yes I intend to use them though how ? I feel I would like to include some of the patchwork samples and fabric I’ve just been given … I’ll have to do a few doodles in my sketch book.


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