Happy Dance…

June 4, 2007 at 8:35 pm (blog stats)

Just had to post again tonight… I’m finding this really hard to believe but I’ve just had a look at my blog stats… and today has reached two firsts, for me, I’ve had over one hundred hits today, 111 just a couple of minutes ago and altogether I’ve had over one thousand hits… really incredible as it seems I’m still new to this and on a very steep learning curve… though I’m beginning to wish I’d used a different provider as I can’t seem to create photo albums here… but I’ll keep looking……… so a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit my blog…. I’m doing a happy dance…


Just a colorful picture for you to look at… i must say i do like posts with pictures in them.. I’ve got my paints and pastels out in an attempt to stop myself using black and white all the time…

thanks again to everyone who’s visited… I’m thinking that I should offer a swap/trade or something to celebrate… I’ll  think about this tonight… watch this space…



  1. thepearlady said,

    congrats.That picture makes me want to dive into it, grab those colorful paints and start creating! 🙂

  2. soulatplay said,

    thanks for your congrats ‘pearlady’ … love your cat…

  3. Kari said,

    Mmmmm, such glorious colours – a girl after my own heart! Such a superb array of pastels and acrylics – whatcha gonna make?

    kari x

  4. Andrea said,

    I remember you from Doodling class at Joggles!! I would love to have a bead from you for the Bead Journal Project, but I don’t have your email address. Please email me and let me know how to contact you and how to order your bead.


  5. soulatplay said,

    Hi Kari,

    well if I’m using acrylics… I often use a palate knife… and working quiet quickly… just ‘slap’ the colour on… I them working into that… once the acrylics dry… with pastels or waters soluble pencils… I’m trying to make a photo album of some of my pictures but my photographic skills are letting me down… but as soon as I’ve got some halfway decent photos posted I’ll add a link… I can’t scan them… most of my work is done on A3 and my scanner is only A4…

    Hi Andrea – you should have had an email from me my now… do you make beads?… I’d love to swap with you…
    yes, the doodle class was great… as you can see my work has been influence greatly by it… the only problem I’m having now is everything I do is in black and white…

    best wishes

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