June 4, 2007 at 6:29 pm (recycle, refashion)

Well I finally put my doodling pens down, while I didn’t pick up a needle and thread I did pick up a pair of jeans and a seam ripper… I’ve started refashioning a pair of jeans that I intend to make into a skirt… the jeans are an old pair of my husbands so they are nicely worn in with a few paint stains too…


I’m planning on making a ‘new’ piece of fabric out of lots of scrapes from other projects… the following two pictures are the back and front of my ‘peace’ jeans …peacejeansone.jpg


I made these for an evening out with a group of other Mums from the local playgroup… however, as that was at least 10 years ago! they don’t fit me very well now… but friends daughters now ask to borrow them ! they have certainly been to a few parties…

so with the fabric/thread stash I already got I’m sure I’ll be able to make a new skirt without buying anything new…




  1. Linda Woods said,

    Cool art pants!!

  2. soulatplay said,

    Thanks Linda… just look at your blog… stunning but too much to take in all at once… I will be back though…

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