A little celebration…

June 8, 2007 at 9:21 pm (ATC's, beading, fabric dyeing, plus size inches, prize draw)

to carry on with my happy dance a little longer… I thought I might do a prize draw (thanks Kari for the suggestion)… the picture below is a piece of fabric I’m working on at the moment…

yes… I know it’s still black and white… but I’ll add a little colour when I start stitching.. I intend to make a few different things with this… the first page in my Bead Journal Project … an ATC for Helen Cowan… a few ‘plus size’ inches for a swap over at Fiber Art Traders (a yahoo group)… so I will make an extra ATC and an extra few ‘plus size’ inches… if you would like the chance to win one please leave a comment… then next Friday I will draw out the winners… there you are a little prize draw to help me celebrate a little…


  1. Marie Johansen said,

    I love the letter stamps – maybe I noticed them first because I have been looking for some alphabet stamps on line today! Will look forward to seeing the finished piece !

  2. Kari said,

    Ooh, how tantalising! Now, I know what inchies are, but what are plus size inchies?

    Kari x

  3. freebird(Timaree) said,

    I can’t wait to see color added. I love to see pictures too. Visual arts are just that- visual! Got to add your site to my favorites list.

  4. soulatplay said,

    Hi Marie, Kari and freebird,

    thanks for taking the time to leave comments…

    the letter stamps are wooden printer blocks… I found them in a local ‘posh junk shop’ … they must of been six / eight wooden trays of different fonts.. however they had been well picked over… so I picked W and X because it had the largest range of fonts left so I’ve got nine W and X’s in various fonts and sizes… and one set of my initials…

    ‘plus size’ inches… the swap I’m involved in … have decide to make ‘inches’ – one & half inches sq – as they are easier to work on…thus ‘plus size’ inches…

    Oh! I’m on someone’s favorites list… thank you… I really am overwhelmed by the response / emails I’m getting since I started blogging… I have in the past felt quite isolated… but since I’ve taken to blogging I feel inspired to create… not only so that I can post lots of pictures but because people are interested in what I’m doing and taking the time and trouble to contact me….

    thanks you
    best wishes

  5. Denise said,

    I found your blog through BJP and as I wandered around the site, I wondered if you had seen Notes from the Voodoo Cafe? It’s by Rice Freeman-zachery and she is an altered clothing artist. She is so funny!!
    http://voodoonotes.blogspot.com/ Check her out and thanks for sharing your art!
    cheers, Denise

  6. Gwen Delmore said,

    I don’t remember where I found your blog, but I love the things you are doing, and this piece of fabric you have made. I also love black and white with a little red thrown in. I love the very graphic look of this piece, with all of the letter stamps.

    I shall be a regular visitor!

  7. soulatplay said,

    I just love the Voodoo Cafe… my BJP has hit a problem so I’ve put it out of sight for a few days… I find that ofter works..

    thanks for the kind words Gwen… I wish I lived nearer you a ‘hot stone’ massage looks wonderful… especially as it’s so cold here.. I was actually wearing my winter boots yesterday it was so cold and raining….

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