November 12, 2007 at 8:40 pm (altered books, studio space, swap, Uncategorized)

I’ve just checked into my blog to find that I’ve had visitors from Monica Magness’s blog, so I rushed over there to check it out… it is wonderful, to quote Monica ‘Anything you have to say, you can SAY it with art!’ … Monica is talking about a dare … daring to share your mess… well I already did so… right here … if you want to take a look..

The following picture is a page from an altered book that I’ve been working on… it will be posted out the week … the title for the swap was ‘urban graffiti’… I’ve had great fun working on it …



  1. Amanda said,

    Love the graffiti – hope you’ll do some graffiti ATCs for the swap on the Mixed Media ATC site!

  2. soulatplay said,

    Amanda .. Just been over & voted for graffiti & red hot ATCs… however, I’ve now started thinking ice / frost / snow plus graffiti … could it be done…??

  3. Yuruma said,

    Hello Patricia!

    Morgane just introduce me to your blog.. It is wonderfull! I love all painting / graffiti….
    Waiting to see more artwork—

  4. Tricia said,

    Hi Gene, i get the camera out then… best wishes

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