Tifc … February is posted…

January 31, 2008 at 9:16 pm (challenge)

Sharon B’s posted the February challenge… here
my mind is in a whirl… ideas are popping up… even though I’ve not finished the January challenge yet… this is some of what Sharon has posted…
“Since it is the first of the month it is challenge day! So without further fuss here it is. This month the Take it Further challenge concept is a question. What are old enough to remember?How did I come up with the idea. As regular readers know I am hand stitching a charm quilt and the small fabric scraps have been triggering memories. As I stitch I am constantly aware of how the world has changed in my lifetime and I am not that old! (I turn 52 this month)It occurred to me that some of these scraps are older than the invention of rotary cutters. As I write I realise that I learnt on to type a typewriter. Now I have WiFi and a laptop. I can remember when a portable transistor radio was a big thing. I was given one with its leather case for my 14th birthday and I took it to the beach every day. Of course I remeber vinyl records too. Now I walk, garden and do the housework plugged into an ipod! We used to write letters home but now it is email.”
I ‘m wondering if I can use this small quilt as a base… I’m seeing lots of writing… maybe a few pictures too… I’m using this challenge to explore my ideas about ‘slow cloth’ I’ve even stated another blog… here
I’ve just noticed the date… Sharon posted on the 1st Feb… but it’s still 31st Jan here… 🙂

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