remember the pink mini?

December 8, 2007 at 10:47 am (patchwork, stitch / hand, stitch / machine)



well it’s back… the little pink mini was sent to Jude who transformed it, you can read about the transformation over on Jude’s blog, then sent it back… it is simple stunning the hand stitching is to marvel at… I’ve not yet found a place to display it… at present it’s moving around the house with me!


As well as the ‘pink mini’ the package contained a pile of indigo fabric squares … and a lovely little pine tree done using free piecing

Pictures of all these will follow when the digital camera returns!!

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Thank you… &… it’s arrived…

June 10, 2007 at 6:57 am (patchwork, recycle, refashion, textiles)

Just a quick post to say thank you to everyone who has left comments… I’ve tried to answer your questions… hope  I’ve managed to explain things clearly…

some of you  may remember that the ‘pink mini’ was off on it’s travels… well it’s arrived… check out Jude’s blog  Spirit Cloth (such a great name)  I’m really looking forward to seeing what Jude does with it… this could almost fit in with the refashion project I’m involved with… it’s certainly recycling…

I’m trying to create photo albums of some of my work… so that you can see how it develops… but my photographic/computer skills  are letting me down… maybe I should ask my children..

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Another package for the post…

May 28, 2007 at 7:25 pm (patchwork)

Some of you may remember that I posted some pictures of ‘old treasures’ a little while ago, well one of them a little ‘pink mini’ is off on it’s travels…. it will be on it’s way tomorrow to Jude of Spirit Cloth who is going to work her magic on it… I’m really looking forward to seeing what Jude does with it…



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Old projects…

May 19, 2007 at 6:29 am (old projects, patchwork, stitch / hand)

The wonderful work produced by Jude of Spirit Cloth, in particular her ‘pink minis’ had reminded me of a project I had started a few years ago (7 years to be precise). It was a patchwork project done the old way over papers…..the way my grandmother had taught me. Some were scrapes of new material that I had bought for other projects others old clothes.


Just a few of the stars…

Then a friend asked if I wanted some fabric, I couldn’t say no! but I certainly didn’t expect two baskets one one large bag full… not only did it contain fabric but lots of blocks and half finished samples





These basketfuls of old treasures are just wonderful ….. then I found


Which brings be back full circle to Jude’s ‘pink minis’





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