spent a lovely afternoon…

February 2, 2008 at 7:35 pm (embroidery, stitch / machine)

in the company of other embroiderers… Vivienne A Brown gave a talk ‘Liberating the Liberty Bodice’… I’ve search for links but only found this

it’ s to ‘Stitch with the Embroiderers’ Guide
I can remember seeing this exhibition at a quilt/embroidery show…(in Harrogate?) will try and remember which show…!! it was a very inspiring talk with a very… very good ‘power point’ presentation as well… if you get the change I can highly recommend it… the actually work was simple stunning… machine stitching on both fabric and paper with wonderful use of the computer as a design tool…
this talk was arranged by the Guisborough & District Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild
perhaps I meet you there one day…

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remember the pink mini?

December 8, 2007 at 10:47 am (patchwork, stitch / hand, stitch / machine)



well it’s back… the little pink mini was sent to Jude who transformed it, you can read about the transformation over on Jude’s blog, then sent it back… it is simple stunning the hand stitching is to marvel at… I’ve not yet found a place to display it… at present it’s moving around the house with me!


As well as the ‘pink mini’ the package contained a pile of indigo fabric squares … and a lovely little pine tree done using free piecing

Pictures of all these will follow when the digital camera returns!!

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Photos of the project I’m working on at the moment…

May 17, 2007 at 8:21 pm (beading, doodling, fabric dyeing, journal, stitch / hand, stitch / machine)

This is the last week of the doodling online class I’ve been participating in….. at  jogglers.

the idea was to take a piece of pattern fabric ( it could have a pattern created by you from a doodle), then paint another doodle on top….. bit difficult to explain hope the pictures say it all…

painted white

painted web


not yet finished painting and decorating the fabric yet, but the idea is to then add some stitching and maybe a few beads…. I might use a piece of the fabric as background for my bead journal…

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