tag book…

I’ve started a new ‘book’ made out of shipping/luggage tags… check out ‘The Artist Circle’

If you are overwhelmed by all the information that is coming your way, about the different products, supplies and how to use them, or if you feel uncomfortable asking questions on your other art groups, this is the place for you. We have all asked the DUH questions and held our breaths for a reply, thinking we were the only ones who didn’t know what that was, or how it was used. In this group you will learn what each product is, what other less expensive alternatives there are and how each product is used, by creating and experimenting with those products. Want to know what you can use in place of gesso? Want to know what ink to use on metal? Want to know what emulsion paint is? Here you will find workshops that will help you learn what each of these supplies are and how you can use them to create awesome art. Then you can go and show off your creations in your other groups! 🙂

coffee dyed tags

these are my tags ‘dyed’ with coffee…

food colouring side one

3 tags – food colouring was used to stain these…

the otherside…

the otherside…



  1. marcelle said,

    wich paper did you use to do these tags? normal paper? 😀

    • soulatplay said,

      Hi Marelle… the tags are made of thick brown paper… from our local post office/office supply shop…

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